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The Amite Association: A Brief History
        Around 1785, a few Regular Baptist families migrated from South Carolina to Natchez, Mississippi, which was then a Spanish Province. A Regular Baptist licentiate named Richard Curtis began preaching the plan of salvation by the grace of God to the Natchez settlers. In 1794 Curtis returned to South Carolina where he was duly ordained to the full functions of the Gospel Ministry. In 1795 he came back to Jefferson County, Mississippi, where a few Regular Baptists constituted Salem Church based on the Regular Predestinarian Plan. Salem Church’s Articles of Faith were identical to the articles held by the Amite Association today. Immigration continued, and in 1797 New Hope Church on Second Creek near Natchez, Mississippi, organized upon the same principles. By 1807 several Predestinarian Plan churches had been established in the area. In this year, the Salem, New Hope, Bethel, New Providence, and Ebenezer churches organized into the Mississippi Association. By 1815 the Mississippi Association had grown in size to twenty four participating churches.  
       From 1815 to 1853 new and controversial ideas, such as the Baptist Board of Missions, were introduced to the Mississippi Association. Some members rejected the missionary movement and withdrew from the Mississippi Association, dividing churches. Those who still held to the Regular Predestinarian Plan formed churches and convened together again in 1857 as the Amite Association.
Members of the East Amite Association
Antioch Primitive Baptist Church - Brookhaven, MS
Bethel Primitive Baptist Church - Baton Rouge, LA
Good Hope Primitive Baptist Church - Magee, MS
New Bethel Primitive Baptist Church - Tylertown, MS
Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church - Smithdale, MS
Union Primitive Baptist Church - Ruth, MS
Members of the West Amite Association
Bethel Primitive Baptist Church - Baton Rouge, LA
Bethelehem Primitive Baptist Church - Kenner, LA
Ephesus Primitive Baptist Church - Lorman, MS
Middleton Creek Primitive Baptist Church - Meadville, MS
Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church - Smithdale, MS
New Bethel Primitive Baptist Church - Tylertown, MS
Plymouth Primitive Baptist Church - Gloster, MS
Salem Primitive Baptist Church - Natchez, MS